In most Village comunities throughout the Middle Ages, There would usually be a meeting place where Bartering or Trading would take place. Marker Posts of either stone or wood were erected to determine a fixed meeting point. The Staple of these meeting points would be Milk, Cheese, Butter, Meat .They subsequently became known as the 'Butter Cross'. Important social proclamations would also be read from these places,as too Sermons. We have all seen these meeting points within villages and Towns , and equally paid them little attention, as most of these places no longer hold any Artistic attraction. The basic premise of a Stone Butter Cross is that of a stepped base ( octagonal) and usually two-tiered.  Centrally placed upon this base is a tall (up to 3 meters high) tapered stone 'needle'. this in turn is surmounted with a 'head'. This 'head' would have been carved in some manner according to its status within the community,or according to the wealth of a Benefactor. Most Butter Crosses  lack the heads nowadays,through natural erosion,  neglect or vandalism . Where The Cross is complete with a Head, the head is often a 19th Century Replacement . It is rare to find an Original Standing head these days, 

     Almost non-existent in Museums and exceptionally Rare to find on the open-market, this is a special Opportunity for a collector of Rare Medieval Works of Art to add something Unique to their holdings. 

     The example offered here Depicts Saint Michael Vanquishing the Devil on one face. the reverse side appears to have suffered defacement , a considerable period of time ago. Each end has a quatrafoil motif in low relief.

      A true rarity .


 Dimension :   50 cm high

                      46 cm wide

                      19 cm deep 


Condition :       Considerable wear and Patination commensurate with age and weathering.