Serene and Dignified Bronze Buddha With Gilded and Lacquer Decoration.

The Gilding With Soft Wear ,Revealing The Deeply Patinated Bronze Surface Below (see the Face,Shoulders,Arms,Hands and Foot .)

This is a high QualityBronze of Great Beauty and Subtle Patina. A Centre-Piece to any Collection.


Dimensions : 27 cm high

                     23 cm wide

                     13.5 cm deep

                     14.5 cm deep (including support rings to rear)


Condition:     Good Condition with old Surface wear and Patination.

                     As viewed from front, the lower right side (at the base, close to front corner ) has 

                     an old repair in white metal (see image 1) not detrimental to the visual impact of                            the object.


                     At the rear, the lower support ring has been replaced some time ago,along with 

                     repair directly below this. ( see image 2 for detail). Again, not detrimental to the

                      visual beauty of the object.

                      Overall, a fine Piece of great Serenity and age,with minor repairs along its life.