Jules de Goede ( 1937-2007) was Dutch but spent most of his life in London and Australia.

A prodigeous and talented artist from his earliest years applied for and won a place at the Arnhem Academy of Fine Arts.......even though he was too young to attend !!!! His drive was such that it was a sthough he was a conduit for his Art, turning his back on relationships,preferring the company of the studio instead.1956 saw him living in Australia after his father had emigrated there with Jules and his six sibblings .During this period , he participated int 30 Exhibitions. It was during the 60's that he began pushing his boundaries of Abstraction to new limits. 

   Literally breaking new ground, he developed a technique whereby he skillfully applied half-round tubing to the rear of the canvases ,then from the front,would cut away the canvas to reveal the 'tube void' beneath . These tubes would be painted internally , creating an Op-Art effect , a Trompe L'oeil . 

      Leaving Australia in '65 , he came to live in London,setting up Studios with both Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgeley ,eventually settling into an old Jewish school in Stepney Green which became his workshop. As Both draughtsman , printmaker and Artist, his work and his workshop reflected the clean personality of this Artistic pioneer of Abstarction/Op-Art . 

Never content to represent the world around him as it was , he was always seeking 'the other', the new, the progressive .

The work offered here is an Opportunity to Aquire a large-scale work in good order, highly representative of his fine work.

The work has what appears to be the original silver-painted wooden frame.


Dimensions:  155 cm wide

                      144 cm high.



                       Minor spider/ fly stains.

                        This work is ready to hang, yet has been uncleaned.We prefer to sell original and 'in its juice' as the french terminoligy goes.