Islwyn Watkins (1938 - 2018 ) was  Welsh Artist  whose love of Progressive art shone through his work. Heavily inspired by Kurt Schwitters, his works were more constructions than paintings ; Layers,textures,broken-surfaces.  This Particular painting has a band of fabric applied across the upper edge ,to the left and has been over-painted, giving subtle texture to the surface. The paint has other 'materials' mixed in. There appears to be water-based paint over oil paint,causing retraction of the upper coat as the oil surface below slowly dried. In areas, the paint has been scratched through with what appears to be the handle of his brush. The coarse canvas used,also provides added texture to the piece . The Original 'South Wales Art Group' Exhibition label to the rear, from 1960 prices the painting at 20 Guineas (a quite considerable sum in 1960) . The painting is bordered by what appears to be the original,slim,painted wood framing.

Watkins taught Art at Ravenscroft School, Barnet ,London(1959-1964), was a lifetime friend and collaborator with Jeff Nuttall (Author of 'Bomb Culture' 1968). He and some other collaborators created an installation called sTIGMA for Tony Godwins independant bookshop :'Better Books' (Charing Cross, London) which was  a pivotal part of the Counter-Culture revolution in the 60's.

Exhibited at Birminghams 'IKON GALLERY ' in '76 and later becoming Chairman of the 'Artists and Designers in Wales' , along with ' The Welsh Group' . In my opinion, Watkins was the most inovative leader of the Progessive arts movement in Wales During the 1960's (and possibly still is...) 

       The work offered here presents an Opportunity to own an unrestored, Dry , textural work typifying the Best of his work and representing the best of Wales.

Painting by Islwyn Watkins, 1960. 99 cm x 73 cm